Township Hall Rental

Township Hall is located at 17010 Lincoln Rd, New Lothrop, MI  48460 and is available for rental.


***Each use requires a refundable deposit in addition to the rental fee***
6’ rectangular white plastic tables included
chairs included


Please call the Township offices at 989-845-6155 for any information.  To see if your date is available please see the calendar below.  Please note, your time will NOT be reserved until the deposit has been made. 


Payment Information

Once you have your date and cost of renting the hall, you can pay in person or online from here.  Click here, if you need assistance with your online payment.

Hall Rental Rules

  1. No decorations are to be hung from the paneling or ceiling using tape, tacks, etc.  Please use the wire around the ceiling or use the carpeted area.
  2. Sweep all floors.
  3. Mop all floors:  wood dance floor mop with the grain mixing: 1 pint of vinegar with warm water.  Tile floors use warm water with Pine Sol.  (1/4 cup Pine Sol to 1 Gallon of water).  Rinse with water.  Change water 4 or 5 times.
  4. Wipe off all the tables and counter tops.
  5. Clean all bathrooms.
  6. Clean all coffee pots, if used.
  7. Clean all stove tops and ovens.
  8. Pick up all trash in parking lot.  Use the township dumpster, located in parking lot in Southwest Corner.
  9. Turn off all lights when leaving, especially bathrooms.
  10. Set bar area and dance floor up like diagram shows.  Diagrams are hanging on the back of the closet and storage room doors.
  11. Lock all doors.
  12. Be sure beer cart is left in bar area.  Wash out beer tape drip pan.
  13. Hang all mops up and ladder if used.
  14. Clean out floor basin under the kitchen sinks.
  15. If Kitchen is used, mats must be picked up, sweep, mop and replace.
  16. Wash out garbage cans and waste baskets.
  17. Vacuum the rugs in the entrance ways.
  18. Do not stack more than ten tables on table carts.

If these rules are not followed and/or there is any damage done to the hall, you will lose all or part of your deposit.  Thank You.