Special Assessment Proposal for Fire Protection Services

At the August 21st, 2023 Executive Board Meeting, we voted to ask our voters to support our Fire Department by approving a ballot initiative for Fire Protection Services in Maple Grove Township. The actual language being proposed is stated:

Shall the entire unincorporated portion of Maple Grove Township, Saginaw County, Michigan, be created into a special assessment district under the provisions of Michigan Public Act 33 of
1951, for the purpose of raising money by special assessment therein to provide for fire protection services within the township, with an estimated total cost of $207,385 per year, with said
assessments to be levied annually for a period of six (6) years commencing in 2024, with an estimated annual cost of $185.00 per improved parcel.

This question will be asked to Maple Grove Township Residents at the February 27th election. If you have any questions on this request, please contact any board member or the township office at 989-845-6155.

Thank you for your continued support!