Mosquito Control Announcement

To promote public health, Saginaw Mosquito Control may treat this area to help reduce the occurrence of disease and nuisance mosquitoes by targeting areas in which they breed. The following habitats may be treated by certified applicators: artificial containers, cross country drains, flooded fields, flood plains, flooded woodlots, idle swimming pools, ponds, catch basins, roadside ditches, sewage lagoons, tires and tree holes.

Bti distribution will take place at our facility beginning Monday, May 2, 2022, located at 211
Congress Ave. in Saginaw. As always, the inventory is limited and will be available while
supplies last. Mosquito staff will confirm residents live in Saginaw County and determine how
much product to distribute based on the size of parcel/water habitat. Residents may call our office
at (989) 755-5751 if they have any questions.