Dollar General Discussion – Updated 5/19/21

With the potential Dollar General coming to Maple Grove, we’ve had a lot of inquiries into this endeavor. Many have asked to see the site plan that was proposed. Here is what we have received:

Attached is a copy of the updated plans. The hard copies were delivered to the Township Hall Monday, May 17th. The following items were updated per the last Planning Commission meeting:

  • Show dedicating an additional 10-ft of right-of-way. We will work with the Road Commission on their requirements to formally record and make this of record. Plans do account for this additional 10-ft and is noted on Sheet C2.0 as proposed right-of-way.
  • We discussed the decel lane requirement with the Road Commission. Given that there is an existing paved shoulder from the intersection to our north property line, the Road Commission was ok if we extended the paved shoulder from our north property line to our proposed drive. This is depicted on Sheet C2.0. We can discuss further at the meeting if necessary.
  • Light poles now shown at least 25-ft from the proposed right-of-way.
  • Concrete dumpster area will have 9-inch depth, detail on Sheet C5.0 has been updated.
  • Added evergreen trees along the south property line.
  • Show two designated areas for two trucks, shown on Sheet C2.0. The dumpster pad was shifted to better accommodate this.

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