Rural Broadband Initiative

Due to high demand for better Broadband in Maple Grove, we are working on how we can make this happen in our area.

What we know:

Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RODF) – A Federally funded program to bring broadband to rural areas.

Who was awarded the RODF fund in our area: Mercury Broadband

Which areas in Maple Grove are covered by this RODF Award. See the map here.

When will this come to our area? This page explains the milestones of the award.

Other Resources:

Connecting Michigan Communities (CMIC) Grant Program


State creates new Office of Rural Development A new state agency will focus on all things rural, provide guidance on pressing issues in rural Michigan, and offer insight on how the state can invest in thriving rural communities. This week, Gov. Whitmer signed an Executive Directive creating the Office of Rural Development within the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, whose sole aim will be reinvigorating Michigan’s rural economies and focusing on the unique, critical issues rural communities face. The new office will emphasize such issues as rural affordable housing, sustainability, environmental preservation, and green energy development, ramifications of population and demographic trends in rural Michigan, education, and broadband expansion.